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When you are filling in the application form to register a trademark for Sint Maarten, you are requested to provide a list of goods and/or services.
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National or Benelux trademark

If you would like protection in one or more countries outside Sint Maarten, one option is to file individual national applications for those countries. The trademark will be registered in these countries by their competent bodies. This can be a sensible option particularly if you only operate in one or a few countries outside Sint Maarten. However, the costs can increase considerably if you operate in a larger number of countries. The disadvantage is that as soon as more countries are involved it becomes quite an expensive, complex and time-consuming exercise. This is because you will need to go through (and pay for) a separate procedure for each country. Also note that communication with the national office is usually in the official language of that office, and it is sometimes mandatory to provide a local representative or postal address.

If your business also operates in the Netherlands, Belgium and/or Luxembourg it is possible to apply for a Benelux registration. The BOIP registers trademarks for the Benelux territory.

For other national registrations you can contact the competent bodies for those countries.


If, within six months of filing an application (for example in Sint Maarten), you file an application in another country, you can claim the priority of your initial application for the subsequent one. The protection of your subsequent application in the other country then commences on the same date as the date of your first application.

Thankfully, more and more countries are participating in international agreements that facilitate the acquisition of trademark protection. If you operate in a larger number of countries (or intend to), an International trademark or a Community trademark may be a better option.

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